The JJAG is required to develop the State of Maine Three Year Comprehensive Plan for how it will use its allocation to improve juvenile justice in Maine.

The state plan must reflect the allowable activities outlined in statute, which include investment in community-based alternatives to incarceration, training for system stakeholders, and a range of programming to meet the needs of system-involved youth or those at risk of system involvement.

State allocations are calculated according to the number of people under age 18 in the state, with a guaranteed minimum allocation of $400,000 annually. Funding is withheld for non-compliance with the core protections and related statutory requirements.

In Maine, funds are distributed in accordance with the state’s three-year plan and related annual updates. Allocations over $5,000 must be issued following requests for proposals/applications (RFPs/RFAs) or upon approved sole source contract. Small grants of under $5,000 may be approved by the JJAG.